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WARNING: LUXE.TV satellite signal now ENCRYPTED

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Attention System Operators: (Individuals or Hotels, see below)

In Europe:
As of November 12, 2011, LUXE.TV HD is encrypted over Europe. Our signal remains on EB-9A but has moved to another frequency (12245 MHz).
If you are a CATV or IPTV operator, and do not currently have a contract with LUXE.TV’s parent company (that includes all Russian distributors), contact us at: and please use a European keyboard (Roman characters, please).

You will be contacted by one of our commercial representatives and will need to sign a distribution contract before getting authorization to receive and distribute the signal (in the form of a decryption card). LUXE.TV HD is a pay-TV channel and requests proper licensing of its program material. However, we welcome you into the family of authorized distributors.

In the Arab World and the Middle East:
LUXE.TV HD remains available in the clear on Arabsat BADR 5 for the immediate future.

In Asia:
As of December 12, 2011, LUXE.TV HD is encrypted over Asia but remains on the same frequency as before on AsiaSat 5.
If you are a licensed system operator, you will have received your decryption card by now and your system should be working flawlessly.
If you are NOT YET a licensed system operator, please contact us urgently at: to request a distribution agreement. After signing the distribution agreement, we will send you the necessary decryption cards.

Hotel Operators:
(this message is for Hotels and Resorts ONLY, not for CATV or IPTV operators)

We have a special deal for Hotels carrying LUXE.TV HD in their Hotel. Please contact us at and provide us with:
• Your precise postal address, as well as your web site
• The number of guest rooms of the Hotel/Resort
• The name of your General Manager, e-mail, phone, fax
• The name and address of your audiovisual technician (if outside outfit, their address, e-mail, phone)
We will immediately contact you and submit a simplified Hotel distribution agreement to you, as well as the specifications of the A/V equipment you need (and probably already have). There will be a yearly fee to carry LUXE.TV Upon signature, we will forward the decryption card and CA module to your Hotel for installation.


Please write to us at if you are receiving the signal directly by satellite (i.e. if you have your own satellite antenna) and are NOT contracting through a service provider. We will do our best to assist you and help you find an acceptable solution

Le signal de LUXE.TV transmis par satellite est crypté au dessus de l’Europe depuis le 12 novembre 2011 et depuis 12 décembre 2011 à destination de l’Asie. Le signal distribué par le satellite ArabSat BADR5 ne sera pas crypté dans l’immédiat.

Si vous êtes un Câblo-opérateur ou opérateur d’un système IPTV et si vous voulez distribuer LUXE.TV HD transmis par satellite, écrivez-nous à l’adresse
Il sera nécessaire de conclure un contrat de distribution avant de recevoir une carte de décryptage pour la réception des programmes LUXE.TV HD.
Nous nous réjouissons de pouvoir travailler avec vous et de vous accueillir dans notre famille de distributeurs LUXE.TV HD.

Si vous êtes propriétaire ou gérant d’un Hôtel, contactez-nous en écrivant à:

Si vous êtes un particulier nous captant en réception directe par satellite (sans passer par un distributeur qui vous a vendu ou loué un boitier), contactez-nous écrivant à:
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